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A great royal icing recipe coupled with the right icing consistencies is the foundation for achieving beautiful decorated cookies! When you get those two things right you will be able to master a perfectly smooth flood (free from air bubbles), clean outlines, small details (without craters),  beautiful writing, and fun techniques like wet on wet and dip!

Royal Icing 101

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  • This course includes a workbook as well as 6 step by step video tutorials where I will walk you through everything from making royal icing to using it for various techniques. 

    Topics Covered:

    • Introduction - I'll share some of my favorite tools for working with royal icing (and cookie decorating in general)!
    •  Making Royal Icing - My favorite royal icing recipe is included in your workbook and I will walk you through making it step by step in a video
    • Mixing 4 Different Consistencies - Learn how to mix 4 consistecies that will allow you to achieve any technique and prevent some of the most annoying parts of cookie decorating (ait bubbles & craters). 
    • Using all 4 Consistencies - Each consistency has its own job! Learn how and when to use each consistency to ensure your cookie design comes out just the way you want it! 
    • 2 More Techniques - Learn the secrets to a marbled dip technique and wet on wet! I'll give you a all comes down to consistency (of course)!!
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