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Learn the secret to mixing and matching the perfect color palettes! I will walk you through understanding color theory so that you are equipped to look at any color and know how you can create it. 

Color Mixing Course

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  • In this digital course you will gain access to...

    A 45 minute class broken down into 6 separate videos to provide information in bite size portions

    ​Video Topics include:

    • Color Theory - to help you develop a deep understanding of how colors interact when mixed

    • Color Mixing Strategy - How to achieve different tints & shades

    • Color Matching - Learn to analyze a color and make it from scratch!

    A printable PDF Workbook: Fill the workbook out as you watch the videos and it will be a resource for you to reference any time you are having trouble getting that color palette just right! 

    Your Workbook Includes:

    • Fill-in-the-blank notes to complete as you watch each video.

    • Worksheets with activities to practice and reinforce the skills taught throughout the video modules

    • An asnwer key is also provided to help you check your work!

    • Links to recommended supplies and colors!



    • Get access to Guide to Neutrals mini-workbook
    • Learn the step by step process for mixing neutrals
    • Follow color "recipes" to mix your neutral palettes
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