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Save yourself time & frustration during the design and decorating process by building your "Design Toolbox." A Design Toolbox is a bank of designs for a given occassion that are generic enough to be applied to any theme your customer might give you. As you design your sets, you can effortlessly pull desings from your bank to round out your cookie designs. They are simple designs, that look beautiful, but are relatively simple and do not take a lot of time to decorate.


This Design Toolbox includes all of my most used baby shower designs all in one place. It is complete with cookie cutter recommendations, video tutorials and editable Canva templates to project right on your cookies. 

Baby Shower Design Toolbox

Sales Tax Included
  • 12 Designs - all of which are generic enough that they could fit with ANY specific baby shower theme.

    12 Tutorials - A short (2-5 minute) video tutorial is included for each design in the Toolbox. 

    Editable Canva Templates - Customize the fonts & words for each designs and then project it right on your cookies. No more wasting time recreating desings on your own. It's done for you! 

    Cookie Cutter Recommendations - all desings can be applied to cookie cutters you may already have or you can purchase the exact cutters I used for these desings. All cookie cutter recommendations are linked.


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