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Custom cookies for large (or small) events that fit your budget!

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The Short Answer...

Custom Cookies are E X P E N S I V E.

Custom cookies are the perfect promotional giveaway for businesses, favors for weddings, or even thank you gift for employees. The problem is the price. Most of the time, these types of orders require a large quantity of cookies and doing the detailed designs by hand takes a ton of time and therefore costs YOU a ton of money. By offering printed cookies, I am able to provide super detailed cookies for large orders at a more budget friendly price!

You might be thinking...

"Printed cookies seem too manufactured and way less artistic"


My husband tried to convince be two years ago to get a cookie printer and I told him absolutely not because I didn't want to lose my artistic touch! After all, that is why I feel people choose to order from me in the first place. I felt like printing cookies would be a disservice to my clients. But, that all changed when I received an order for 240 dog portrait cookies for a wedding. There was no way I could hand paint that many cookies, so I actually turned the order down. The client asked if there was ANY way I could make this order happen. So, I had a thought. I could buy an edible ink printer. I figured that I could hand paint the portrait of their fur babies once on paper (rather than on all 240 cookies), scan it into my computer and print it on the cookies! The light bulb went off and I realized printing cookies did not mean I had to sacrifice my artistic style! Printing cookies allows me to offer artistic large scale orders that would otherwise be impossible!



All printed cookies are baked and made with my signature sugar cookie recipe and iced with a thin layer of royal icing just as you would expect from a normal custom cookie order from me. The difference is in the details. 

I design your cookies on my computer by using a scanned copy of original artwork, a photo or logo you provide me, or by creating custom designs of my own to fit your theme. I load an iced cookie into my edible ink printer and it will print the design directly on the cookie (no edible sheet of paper required)!

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