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Find your Flow.

Sift is a mobile application for the creative entrepreneur looking to consolidate all aspects of project management including client inquiries, communication, and scheduling to create a seamless workflow.


Spend less time sifting through multiple platforms for all of the project details so you have more time to do what you love; CREATE!

Features for a Seamless Workflow 

Customizable Inquiry Forms

Create one or multiple forms for your clients to fill out to request your services. 

Forms are 100% customizable to fit the needs of your unique business!

Client Communication

Message customers right to their email from the app. Keep client communication where it should be...right with their form submission.  

Interactive Inquiry List

All form submissions automatically populate into your Inquiry list.


Accept or decline an inquiry by sending a message to your client with the click of a button.


Block off dates on your calendar for when you are unavailable. 

Clients will not be able to select these dates when filling out their inquiry form. 

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