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What you can expect:

A 1 hour and 19 minute long recording of the LIVE cookie class hosted by Emily on Zoom. 


Please note that the live calss has already taken place. You are purchasing the recording of class only.


A workbook with guided notes (fill in the blank) to help you get all the info during class without missing any of the important stuff!


Watercolor Basics - REPLAY

Sales Tax Included
  • A strong foundation in painting is the key to success for more advanced techniques like florals.

    In this class we will cover:

    • Paintbrush 101-learn about different paintbrush shapes and sizes and what techniques they are best used for

    • Everclear vs Water - should you use vodka or water to paint with? The answer can be both. Learn when & how to use both

    • Icing Disintegration Prevention - find out what you can do to prevent your base flood from breaking down when painting

    • Painting techniques - blending colors & simple techniques that can add a ton of personality to you sets!

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